Data Detectives

Problem: Optum was launching a new data-driven service for pharmaceutical and med device companies to leverage its vast pools of claims and EHR data. This information would provide companies irrefutable hard evidence driving critical development and marketing decisions. But how do you make a dry subject like data engaging and get audiences to look at pages and pages of case study statistics?
Solution: The case studies and evidence clearly showed the power and impact of the new Optum solution. We knew we had to leverage this story but in a playful truncated way that could be disseminated through social media, conferences, and stand on its own without a presenter. We decided to take one of their actual case studies and put a human face on it. Our designers developed a clean modern style of animation that lived comfortably within the Optum brand by utilizing colors and icons from their library.
Outcome: The content we created fit seamlessly into their full campaign for the new product launch. It was used in clips as “teasers” on social media to hook audiences getting them to look at the evidence and outcomes in their full case studies. It also anchored their booth at OLSD and where it drew large crowds and drove engagement.
Data Detectives animation
Title screen
The players
Claims and EHR data shot
Proof of cost and efficacy