Drug-Eluting Stent System

Problem: When launching Eluvia, a drug-eluting stent system, Boston Scientific needed attention grabbing imagery that would elevate their new technology and make it stand out from the competition. To be successful, the visuals needed to convey that Eluvia's polymer layer - an element invisible to the naked eye - resulted in more effective, sustained drug delivery.
Solution: Our team developed a stunning 3D animation that brought Eluvia's powerful drug elution to life. Since animation allows us to show what the eyes can't see, we designed a smoke effect to represent the strength and control of Eluvia's polymer layer. To give Eluvia a consistent presence, we leveraged the animation style and assets to create packaging renders, tradeshow graphics and website banners.
Outcome: By providing compelling visuals supporting Eluvia's competitive advantage, our animation helped differentiate Eluvia from other drug-eluting devices in the space. Our Eluvia work was so successful that it has been consistently featured across Boston Scientific's platforms since the device launched.
ELUVIA - full animation
Interactive and web assets
Booth media
Packaging artwork