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Building Influence For many healthcare and medical device companies, trade shows are an invaluable opportunity for showcasing innovations, building relationships, and finding sales opportunities. But without effective marketing, achieving any one of these goals is going to be an uphill battle. As Continue Reading Continue reading
GUIDE TO SURGICAL VIDEO SUCCESS Recording and sharing surgical and procedure videos can be a necessary and powerful tool for education, training, and showcasing medical innovations and techniques. Capturing these moments in the operating room (OR), and other clinical environments requires meticul Continue Reading Continue reading
The HRS meeting kicks-off on May 16th so now is the perfect time to start planning for your Exhibit Hall Booth and the 3D animation, video, and engaging experiences you’ll need to showcase your innovative products, services, and technologies. As one of over 110+ of today’s leading companies stri Continue Reading Continue reading
For medical device and healthcare companies, 3D animations are invaluable for conveying complex concepts and imagery. However, ensuring the effectiveness of these animations requires more than just simple distribution; it requires careful measurement and analysis of audience interaction. At Medit Continue Reading Continue reading
In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare communication, animation stands as one of the most capable tools for breaking down the complexity of medical devices. At Meditech Communications, our animation and creative teams research and collect information from a number of diverse sources to develop Continue Reading Continue reading
For more than three decades, Meditech Communications has been a go-to expert for creating high-quality medical animations, video, and motion graphics. Since the beginning, we've worked exclusively in the healthcare and medical device field, and this specialization sets us apart. In this blog, we're Continue Reading Continue reading
Maximizing Efficiency and Cost Savings for Your Product Launch If you’ve launched a new product or service, you understand the challenges and urgent demands for supporting visuals. But here's the thing–many clients, especially those in the medical industry, are focused on the immediate nee Continue Reading Continue reading
In an era where information can be easily gathered through any number of digital outlets, the patient path in receiving healthcare is undergoing a transformative shift. Individuals are taking their health into their own hands, seeking information and insights before even stepping into a doctor's off Continue Reading Continue reading