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For more than three decades, Meditech Communications has been a go-to expert for creating high-quality medical animations, video, and motion graphics. Since the beginning, we've worked exclusively in the healthcare and medical device field, and this specialization sets us apart. In this blog, we're Continue Reading Continue reading
Maximizing Efficiency and Cost Savings for Your Product Launch If you’ve launched a new product or service, you understand the challenges and urgent demands for supporting visuals. But here's the thing–many clients, especially those in the medical industry, are focused on the immediate nee Continue Reading Continue reading
In an era where information can be easily gathered through any number of digital outlets, the patient path in receiving healthcare is undergoing a transformative shift. Individuals are taking their health into their own hands, seeking information and insights before even stepping into a doctor's off Continue Reading Continue reading
Project Overview When launching a product, marketing support materials are critical. They might include a video, 3D animation, brochure, social media content, ads and more. When the list of those materials is long and varied, it’s important to have a trusted partner who can shoulder the load an Continue Reading Continue reading
People love a good story. Storytelling allows us to captivate the attention of an audience, to communicate our knowledge and experiences, to educate, to move, to motivate, to entertain, and to impact in so many other ways. The role of storytelling cannot be understated. One thing that we find partic Continue Reading Continue reading
At Meditech, we take pride in our ability to be technically prepared and ready to adapt to every situation. This is especially important for our clients when it comes to recording in unique locations and conditions. Whether we are shooting in the operating room or the trade show floor, we know what Continue Reading Continue reading