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Character animation has been recognized for its value as a useful educational tool for a number of different professional industries, including healthcare. In recent years, our clients have seen the importance of character animation as an effective platform for delivering understandable and relatabl Continue Reading Continue reading
Over the years, Meditech has worked across the US to produce dozens of patient stories, ranging from touching child portraits for the “Children’s Miracle Network” telethon, to profiles of patients receiving life saving technology. The function of patient stories is often perceived as a showcas Continue Reading Continue reading
In the last few years, 3D illustration has quickly grown to become one of the biggest trends in visual design. One reason is the ability to portray products in a way that just isn’t possible through photography. The attention grabbing versatility of a 3D illustration makes it ideal for a number of Continue Reading Continue reading
What is Accessibility? Accessible video content, in essence, is content that utilizes any number of communication aids to provide a comparable experience to a broader demographic. Accessible content is especially impactful for individuals who may have auditory, visual, or cognitive impairment. That Continue Reading Continue reading
The Meditech team recently finalized our largest medical illustrations project to date. One of our longstanding clients came to us with a request to create 1200 unique illustrations that would demonstrate a variety of therapy exercises to address over 125 unique medical conditions. The scope of t Continue Reading Continue reading