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Marketing Impact at Medical Trade Shows


Building Influence

For many healthcare and medical device companies, trade shows are an invaluable opportunity for showcasing innovations, building relationships, and finding sales opportunities. But without effective marketing, achieving any one of these goals is going to be an uphill battle. As specialists in producing media and experiences for conferences, we offer a range of visual solutions designed to strengthen your trade show influence both inside the conference and beyond. In this blog, we will explore a number of traditional and non-traditional marketing strategies that you should consider implementing into your future conference marketing strategy.

Inside the Conference: Marketing with Traditional Media  

No matter the marketing opportunity, it is important to follow some general best practices when considering how you want to build out your content marketing strategy. You should always put your audience first and consider how you can make the biggest impact on your audience as efficiently as possible. This typically means doing research ahead of time to see where your audience is engaging already and what sort of content they are most going to resonate with. To learn more about general best practices for medical content marketing, read our full blog here.

Let’s dive into some of the specific opportunities that you might consider for marketing inside the conference.

Interactive Apps:

Interactive apps can be a powerful tool for getting intimate, and extended engagement at trade shows. These apps can be deployed within your booth to offer hands-on experiences, allowing attendees to explore your products and services in a memorable and immersive way. Features such as augmented reality showcasing 3D products, interactive touchscreens, and real-time surveys can all enrich the user experience. The “cool factor” can be very powerful in these situations as well. We have seen great success with augmented reality applications that are great for communicating deeper insights into complex medical devices or procedures while also giving conference attendees an opportunity to have a unique experience. By providing an interactive platform for users, these apps will impress, open up talking opportunities, and leave a lasting impression on potential customers.

Booth Visuals:

Visual displays come in a number of different shapes and sizes but their purpose is the same: they captivate and inform attendees. You have a high level of control when deploying in-booth display media and can be very intentional with how content is presented. You might choose to show a dynamic device animation, accessible motion graphics piece, or informational video. High-definition screens showcasing animated medical devices or product demos can attract visitors and communicate complex topics that might not be easily conveyed through conversation. During presentations, motion graphics can help you highlight key points, and implement creative storytelling to maintain the audience’s attention. Display visuals are a great, versatile platform for easily communicating your desired message to audiences in an accessible and attention grabbing manner.

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Virtual Reality:

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies offer immersive and interactive experiences that can be incredibly novel and unique. VR allows you to share simulated environments where users can interact with your products in a controlled, virtual space, while AR overlays digital information onto the real world, crossing the border between the physical and digital spaces. By incorporating VR/AR demos at your booth, you can provide attendees with detailed, lifelike demonstrations that entirely engage users in your content. These technologies not only captivate and engage audiences but also offer innovative ways to educate and inform potential customers about complex solutions that are best shared experientially.

Outside the Conference: Alternative Marketing Methods

Social Media:

Social media campaigns before and during the trade show are essential for building anticipation and maintaining engagement. Utilizing graphics, videos, and animations in these campaigns can significantly enhance their impact. Before the show, teaser videos and animated sneak peeks of your products can generate excitement and give attendees another reason to engage. Real-time updates, live streaming of booth activities, and engaging graphics can keep your audience informed and involved. These visually rich social media posts not only draw more visitors to your booth but also create a buzz that extends your reach beyond the physical event.

Location-Based Marketing:

Marketing opportunities in the host city before the trade show can significantly enhance your brand visibility and attendee engagement. Traditional methods such as strategically placed signage, billboards, and posters in high-traffic areas can effectively draw attention to your upcoming presence. Additionally, location-based marketing avenues, such as geo-targeted ads on social media and mobile apps, can reach potential attendees as they arrive in the city. These ads can provide information about your booth, special events, or exclusive offers, creating buzz and directing traffic to your trade show presence. Combining these methods ensures a comprehensive approach to pre-show marketing.

Influencers and Co-hosted Events:

Influencers and co-hosted events offer dynamic ways to amplify your trade show marketing efforts. Collaborating with industry influencers can help extend your reach, as they bring credibility and a dedicated following. By creating engaging content, such as product reviews or live event coverage, influencers can generate excitement and drive traffic to your booth. Co-hosting events, like workshops or panel discussions with local businesses or thought leaders, can also attract diverse audiences. These events foster networking opportunities and create a buzz around your brand, enhancing visibility and engagement both before and during the trade show.

Finding The Right Balance

By effectively combining both traditional and alternative marketing approaches, you can maximize your return on investment, drive meaningful conversations, and cultivate long-lasting relationships with potential customers. Embracing both traditional and non-traditional marketing strategies will not only elevate your trade show presence but also communicate your reputation as a thought leader in the medical field.

Remember, the key to success lies in thorough planning, understanding your audience, and continuously adapting to new trends and technologies. With the right mix of creativity and strategy, your medical company can thrive in the competitive trade show arena.

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