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Engage at HRS 2024


The HRS meeting kicks-off on May 16th so now is the perfect time to start planning for your Exhibit Hall Booth and the 3D animation, video, and engaging experiences you’ll need to showcase your innovative products, services, and technologies. As one of over 110+ of today’s leading companies striving to draw attention and attract audience to your offerings, you’ll need to stand out from the crowd. 

What makes a great experience for visitors? Information, Experiences and Entertainment …an espresso bar helps too.

Getting It Right

Including showcase media and experiences at meetings requires great strategy, good planning, and an experienced partner. For over 3-decades, we’ve helped clients find success with pioneering content. Here’s some ideas, inspiration, and insights.

Attract and Entertain

The screens that arise about your booth and prominently featured, need to do more than just brand your space. They need to be designed attracts and entice visitors into the booth. Think outside of the box with compelling content, unique screen designs and engaging video with bold messaging and graphics. Animated, high-energy content maintains attention as visitors are drawn into your booth space.

Engage and Inform

Once the visitors are in the booth, you need to inform your audience and spark conversation. Media like interactive touch-screens presentation, 3D animations showing devices, techniques, and features & benefits, along with clinical demonstration videos can be super effective. Keep the focus on a singular audience and be mindful of duration. Another consider if the presentation will standalone, or if a representative be directing the experience.

Enhanced Experiences

Experiences tend to be big draws in the booth. Virtual reality for example can immersive visitors in a clinical setting and test their knowledge, where augmented reality can “virtually” put a device in their hands and allow exploration of the technology. Immersive media (think Van Gogh Experience) surrounds the viewer with sights, sounds and excitement. Creating memorable experiences makes a lasting impression of your brand, and buzz on the show floor.

The Process

For the best results and a stress-free process, NOW is the time to start your planning. At Meditech we work in partnership with marketing, creative, and clinical teams to ensure the message is right, visuals are on brand, and the science is accurate. We also work closely with the booth vendor to ensure everyone understand the environmental considerations and technical specifications. We test our solutions to put everyone at ease when the show starts.

When searching for a creative partner to develop your media and creative assets, opt for one with a proven track record and a commitment to your success. At Meditech Communications, we offer a no-obligation meeting to present our capabilities, learn about needs, and explore the best, most efficient solutions.

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