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Our Animation Research Process


In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare communication, animation stands as one of the most capable tools for breaking down the complexity of medical devices. At Meditech Communications, our animation and creative teams research and collect information from a number of diverse sources to develop a full picture of a particular medical device, its function, and its use in treatment. This multifaceted process is iterative and often requires our team to interview subject matter experts, read operational manuals, watch device videos, and explore the function of the physical medical device. This meticulous process ensures not just accuracy but, in the case of having a physical example, a connection to any unique tangible qualities.

At Meditech, we believe that accurately showcasing medical devices requires more than just artistic flair – it demands a profound understanding of the purpose, mechanical function, and story behind each device. So, what sort of research and preparation does it take to accurately animate a complex medical device?

Discovery Meeting – Unveiling the Story Behind the Device

In the initial phase of our research journey, we engage in a discovery meeting with our clients. This pivotal interaction serves as the foundation, allowing us to comprehend not just the technicalities of the medical device but also the broader context of its usage. We delve into the device’s functionality, identifying who benefits from the treatment, understanding patient demographics, and gathering essential resources such as instructions for use, surgical videos, and operational manuals. Moreover, we prioritize aligning our creative vision with the client’s goals and branding requirements, ensuring that there are no unwanted surprises upon final delivery.

Resource Review and Market Exploration – Crafting Uniqueness

With the resources provided by our clients with our independent research, we enter a phase of comprehensive review. This involves delving into operational manuals, scrutinizing surgical videos, and exploring competitive devices in the market. This dual approach allows us to not only grasp the device’s intricacies but also to discern its uniqueness and innovation within the broader landscape. Through this process, we not only refine our understanding of the device but also gain insights into the preferences and expectations of our target audience, shaping the narrative of our animations.

Physical Immersion – The Tangible Connection

In this crucial stage, we move beyond digital realms and seek a tangible connection with the medical device. While leveraging all collected resources, including manuals and videos, we go a step further by having a physical example of the device in our creative space. This hands-on approach allows us to unravel the mechanical workings and physical properties that may not be fully conveyed through digital mediums alone. From understanding the flexibility of certain parts to feeling the texture and nuances, this immersive experience adds an extra layer of authenticity to our animations and can be incredibly revealing in showing us subtle aspects of the device that may not translate through video or pictures.

Elevating Accuracy through Expertise

By leveraging the insights gained from our multi-faceted research process, we are able to develop a truly comprehensive understanding of an animation subject. This sets our solutions apart from traditional animation studios. Our clients receive more than just an animation; they gain a partner who truly understands their language, industry, and passion. Our goal is to produce content that appeals to audiences and captures the essence of our clients brand and story in an accurate and creative form. At Meditech, our research process is not just a step; it’s a necessary component to guarantee that we continue providing our clients with the best quality content and service possible.

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