Product Launch Animation

Problem: Abbott developed TriClip™ to address a gap in minimally-invasive treatment options for tricuspid regurgitation (TR). For the product launch, Abbott needed to demonstrate how the first-to-market technology combined their trusted MitraClip™ implant design with a delivery system reimagined for the right side of the heart.
Solution: We partnered with Abbott to showcase how TriClip™ offers both proven technology and an innovative, tricuspid-specific delivery system. To do this, we animated dynamic beauty shots alongside key features and benefits to introduce the system components and generate excitement. Then, to show TriClip's key differentiators in action, we created a detailed procedural sequence featuring both the proximal and distal ends of the device, clearly demonstrating how the TriClip system offers the control needed for precise delivery to the tricuspid valve.
Outcome: The TriClip™ animation has been received so well that it has reached far beyond just the product launch. Since its completion, the animation has been adapted for use in training, clinical trials and presentations. It has been segmented for use on social media, and the beauty shots have been rendered as high-resolution illustrations for use across website and marketing materials.
TriClip Animation
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