Virtual EP Lab Experience

Problem: Putting someone in an OR with a key opinion leader is one of the most effective means of education and marketing. But how can you translate that one-on-one interaction to a shared experience for the masses?
Solution: We designed a fully immersive, interactive virtual experience putting viewers in the OR side by side with industry leading surgeons and key opinion leaders. Using 360 cameras our team captured hours of live cases with docs speaking directly to the user showing how they utilize Abbott’s tools in the real world. The experience included an interactive gamified component with a public leader board for surgeons to claim bragging rights against their peers. Users registered on an accompanying app we designed which also captured and provided lead tracking data including users’ contact info, which procedures they watched, which products were involved, and even their quiz scores. The booth included digital wait lists, a public leader board, and SMS notifications allowing users to walk the show floor until it was their turn.
Outcome: The initial launch anchored the Abbott booths at HRS and EHRA where the experience maintained long lines captivating hundreds of users in multiple VR bays capturing hundreds of qualified new sales leads. Since then the experience has been used in trade shows and congresses around the globe and translated into multiple languages. It has been ported to the Oculus Go for a mobile VR experience and deployed via web where it has been used at training sessions and in the field with reps experienced by thousands of users.
VR Experience Video
360 Video Sample
VR Bay in use
HRS Booth
Public Leader Board
Registration App and iPads
VR Bay
"The app works great, we LOVE it!!!"
- Senior Product Manager