The AFib journey

Problem: With Heart Rhythm Society on the horizon, Abbott EP needed to highlight their vast portfolio and disruptive solutions that make them a partner for every step of the AFib journey.
Solution: We designed an approach that would bring their offerings to life through dynamic motion graphics, animated brand elements, and compelling data and product visuals. We worked with the booth vendor (Catalyst) to identify all endpoints for content which included a large video wall and 3 vertical pillar monitors. Our solution ensured brand consistency through each piece and allowed the content to be repurposed for multiple distribution channels maximizing ROI.
Outcome: With detailed planning, clear communication, bold creative and a strong collaboration with Abbott EP, we were able to deliver final content on time and on message. The Abbott EP booth grabbed immediate attention and drew attendees in to learn more about how Abbott boldly challenges AFib. 
Bold Solutions - A philosophy of risk-taking
Afib: A Growing Crisis
Innovate - Elevate - Impact
Motion Graphics Data
Clinical footage
Trade Show Booth - Vertical Video Pillars