Diabetes Patient Education Study

Problem: Healthcare providers spend lots of time and resources towards diabetes education. There is no shortage of existing educational content but much of the quality is mediocre, narrowly focused and spread thinly across multiple web sites and on-line platforms. Without easy access to a trusted and complete library, patients often struggled to manage their disease.
Solution: To create audience engagement we wove the information into relevant patient scenarios and hired professional actors to demonstrate medical situations and healthy lifestyle choices. On-set supervision by healthcare profesionals ensured accuracy and realism. The scenes were bolstered by medically accurate 3D animation and graphics. The result is an easy-to-understand series produced in both English and Spanish languages and available to patients through an organized web-portal.
Outcome: Healthcare providers can now deliver this comprehensive 40-program online library of trusted content to patients. Patients can now quickly access targeted information for a better understanding of their condition and take a more active role in their healthcare, improving quality of life and saving costs. The series was recognized with a National Digital Health Award honoring high-quality consumer health information.
How Diabetes Affects the Body
Production still taken on-location
3D animation from program
Awarded for Patient Education video
"Congratulations to the entire team for your creativity, collaboration, and dedication to excellence!!!"
Vice-President, Patient Engagement