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Specialty Spotlight: Patient Education


Healthcare companies understand the value of creating videos targeted directly to patients. From awareness and educational programs, to patient documentaries; these videos are reaching audiences in clinical settings, in the home and on-the-go through mobile devices. For 25 years, leading healthcare and medical device companies have partnered with Meditech to develop all types of programs for patient audiences. To date, Meditech has produced over 300 titles on patient education. These programs typically focus on medical conditions, procedures, postoperative recovery, living with a disability and how to use a medical device. Our recent work includes a series on diabetes self-management, stroke recovery and living with a heart monitor.

Behind-the-Scenes at our On-Site Studio

Last month, Meditech kicked-off production on a 41-program patient education series on women’s health. Through a combination of skillfully-shot footage and detailed medical 3D animation, this series educates viewers on topics such as pregnancy, labor and delivery, and how new moms can best care for themselves and their newborns.

We also specialize in “patient profile” videos, which are documentary-style programs that feature patients who have benefitted from a new medical technology or procedure. These videos are both informative and heartfelt, providing viewers with an introduction to the technology, while allowing them to empathize with the patient and visualize how the technology could improve their own lives.

We are proud of our patient education portfolio, and would be interested to discuss how we can help you with your patient education needs. To join the growing global technology leaders who turn to Meditech Communications for solutions in video production, 3D animation and app development, contact us at 651.636.7350 x100 or at