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Trade Show Rx


Customers are always asking Meditech for the best prescription for success at their next big event. High profile meetings, like trade shows, provide an opportunity for companies to see new developments in the industry as well as promote their products to a large target audience. These shows are saturated with existing and potential customers; the majority of which are likely your target audience. At events like this, instead of competing to sell products, companies are competing to reach as many people as possible. Trade shows tend to be fairly high risk for organizations; they are expensive to attend and there is no guarantee that you will get a return on investment. One of Meditech’s specialties is helping clients to get an edge over the competition and bring in those new potential customers. 


Meditech has a successful record of developing media solutions that both engage and educate potential customers. At last years Heart Rhythm Society (HRS) conference in Boston, Meditech created graphics for use on several massive displays inside and around of the conference itself. These graphics made a huge impact and were designed to catch the eyes of all visitors. These attention grabbing displays raise awareness but are otherwise passive in nature. 


The team at Meditech really stands out in creating solutions that are more interactive and engaging for customers. Meditech has created custom made mobile applications and games for use on cell phones or tablets. Deploying mobile platforms at a booth is a very efficient outlet for companies to use when there may not be a representative available to interact with every visitor.   

For clients who want a totally immersive experience for their visitors, Meditech develops virtual and augmented reality platforms for use in their booth. One example of a VR implementation that was created for a client featured a full 360 degree view video of physicians at the operating table during a procedure. The program allowed users to explore the physicians medical decisions, interact with the imaging and understand the impact on case progression The session included a quiz portion, score tracking and a competitive leader board. To increase the client’s return on investment, we implemented participant analytics to ensure improved follow-up. When properly designed and implemented, with an eye towards clinical relevance, organizations are assured to gain a significant amount of exposure in their booth. VR/AR is a great way for organizations to better demonstrate the benefits of a product or service as well as providing a unique experience that potential customers will likely not forget. 

Get a leg up on the competition at your next trade show–see if one of these unique media solutions is right for you. To learn more, contact us at 651.636.7350 x100 or