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Planning Your Next Animation Project


6 Factors to Consider When Defining Your Budget

Animation can cost chump change or big bucks and understanding what drives those costs can be challenging if you’re not familiar with the process. Below we’ve outlined 6 factors that impact budget. We’ll walk through each item and address how factors like audience and use-case will affect how we tailor a custom animation that brings your story to life.

  1. Complexity of the Story
    We aim to tell accurate, visually compelling stories without unnecessary complexities. The number of procedural steps and devices needed to tell your story affect both cost and complexity. For marketing audiences, it’s best to be concise and focus on the features and benefits, whereas training videos need to be more detailed focusing on critical procedural steps.

  2. Duration
    A 3 minute animation takes more effort and resources to produce than a 30 second animation. The decision about duration will be influenced by how and where the animation is used. Because it’s important to stay focused and on point with your message, our team will look for areas where we can “trim the fat.” This will reduce the budget, shorten the timeline, and ensure a captive audience.

  3. Animation Type
    The images below represent some of the styles of animation we can produce. A story can be told in a style that ranges from simple representative, to complex and photo realistic. We’ll recommend our solution based on use case, audience, brand aesthetics, budget, and timeline.

  4. Timeline
    How quickly is the final deliverable needed? This may be days, weeks, or months. Shorter timelines will influence our approach and efforts in order to accelerate review cycles and deliverables.

  5. Sound
    Not all animations require sound, but it can be a great addition to enhance your animation. In a trade show where there’s a lot of competing noise or a presenter talking over the animation we can license existing stock music and use on-screen text to tell your story. If the animation will be shown as a standalone presentation, like on the web or in an experience center, you may benefit from professional narration and a custom soundtrack.

  6. Leverage Your Assets:
    Once the animation is complete all the hard work is done, you’ll want to leverage these assets across all of your distribution channels for maximum return on your marketing dollars. We can export visuals with minimal investment for use on the web, in print, at tradeshows and even create alternate versions to be utilized across social and other media platforms.

Whatever your budgetary needs, our experienced team will work with you to design a solution to effectively tell your story and connect with your audience. Contact our team at to discuss your animation needs.