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Storytelling with Animation


From your favorite drama to your latest product launch video, quality storylines all have a very similar structure. We’ll explain that structure and show how we implement these strategies into our production practices.

The Story Arc:

Successful productions follow a story arc. The arc connects the peaks and valleys of the narrative, which sets the pace and tone of the story. The developments of the story happen at various points throughout; think of it as a 3 ACT play. Defining the perfect arc between these acts is what will engage your audience from beginning to end, and give them the drive to want more. So, what should be in each act of your animation? The guide below lays it all out.

ACT 1: Defining the Plot

ACT 1 sets the plot for the entire animation and is where you will first introduce your product as the main character of the story, such as a medical device. It’s also the opportune time to hook your audience with a short teaser of the plot, such as how your device performs in a challenging situation or will overcome difficult pathology. 

ACT 2: Main Event

ACT 2 of the animation is the main event… the procedure. It builds drama by showing the challenge ahead (think heavily calcified, tortuous, constricted). We then reveal the process for overcoming the challenge and achieving the objective. This is the peak of the animation and what the viewer has been waiting for. 

ACT 3: Resolution

Act 3 is the resolution to the story. This section of your animation should drive them to want more. This is done by portraying successful outcomes, such as improved physiological response, or proof from studies and statistics. End with a call to action and we’ve got the perfect story all designed to achieve the desired response.

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