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Authentic Patient Education


Healthcare, pharma and device companies recognize the importance of educating and empowering patients with trusted information. In this blog, we’ll cover important aspects of production that ensure programs are authentic, engaging and informative.

A Quality Script:

The script of a patient education video is the foundation for the program. The quality of the script will define its effectiveness and overall reach to your audience. Whether it’s one video or an entire series, tell your story starting with basic concepts, progressively getting more detailed. We’ll collaborate with your team to craft the script using language and terminology that will be understood by your target audience and visualized in a meaningful way.

Location and Props:

The choice of location for recording your video needs to be reflective of the patient experience. Are they having a medical procedure, in physical therapy, or recovering at home? Making the scene believable starts by choosing the right setting. We do this by shooting at partnering clinical simulation facilities, scouting out real-world locations or creating believable environments in our studio. For any location, we’ll manage all the details like lighting, equipment and props.

Exceptional On-Screen Talent: 

Exceptional actors are key to the program’s success. They need to portray their role convincingly, which will connect the character to the audience. The way the actor conveys their emotions and physical movements will define the story as not only believable, but also relatable. Talent demographics like age, ethnicity, or even family groups are carefully taken into consideration. The talent selection will be narrowed through our recommendations, with the final selections chosen by you. We’ll advise the talent on a wardrobe that fits the narrative and enhance the on-screen aesthetic with make-up or moulage to portray symptoms or effects of conditions.

A Superior Narrator:

The voice behind the program is a very important aspect and shouldn’t be overlooked. Choose a narrator that resonates with your target audience such as a younger voice for youth and teen videos and a mature voice for adults. Our team will provide recommendations and guide the chosen talent in their delivery style to match the tone of the video.

Post-Production Editing:

A good post-production process will ensure that all the planning and production value is materialized. We meticulously review all the footage and select the best scenes captured from a shoot. We assemble those scenes to craft the story, then use supporting elements like graphics, titles and a musical score to create a high-quality presentation.

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Our vast experience producing patient education videos provides our clients a seamless process which has proven to be successful in the hundreds of programs we’ve produced. If you’re considering developing videos for patient education, contact Meditech to see how we can ensure success.