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Patient Education: From Plan to Production


What does it take to create an 85-program video series with over 400 individual scenes in just 20 days? It starts with a solid plan, designed for success. 

For nearly 30 years, Meditech has been producing high quality patient education video series for some of the largest names in healthcare. Despite the difficulties brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Meditech production team was able to continue this legacy by completing this ambitious production in December. This video series, focusing on orthopedics education for adult and teen patients, was shot at four unique locations over a period of just four weeks.

For a production of this scale to be successful, it takes a significant amount of planning and organization. When managing a large number of programs, it is absolutely critical that an airtight production plan is drafted well before the actual filming takes place. Every production will have different requirements but for this series, the production plan contains detailed information that pertains to the shot schedule, cast list, prop list, shooting locations, required stock photo and video, the production timeline, and a list of questions to keep in mind while filming. The production team makes these documents comprehensive to take out any of the guesswork when it comes time to start filming. The team prepares to ensure all questions are answered before they are even asked. 

To guarantee efficiency for our client and the overall production schedule, our director and production assistant are highly organized when going into each day of filming. The director spends time before each day of shooting studying the production plan and creating a detailed agenda for the day. For this series, there were more than 400 individual scenes required, which does not include all the additional graphic pieces, 3D animation, and voice-over work that will eventually be added into the programs. 

Maintaining a high level of team coordination is particularly important in large and complicated shoots. In this production, there were roughly 15 different actors that were cast to play between one and three roles each. It is the job of the production assistant or “PA” to make sure that the actors are in the places they need to be when they need to be there. The PA also makes sure that the production schedule is being followed and that the director and videographer are getting all of the necessary shots. With many unique shots from differing programs often being filmed on the same day, it can become confusing as to how they all fit together. Completing a comprehensive production plan and schedule ahead of time not only saves the client money but it saves everyone time. 

Starting a large scale production like this can often be complex and involved. It requires a high degree of technical knowledge and experience to produce medical video content. It needs to look authentic, portray healthcare and therapy accurately. In addition, we need to ensure the client’s goals are met and their expectations are exceeded. With extensive experience working in the healthcare field developing patient education the team at Meditech is uniquely prepared to provide their knowledge and expertise to guarantee a fast and smooth production and a quality final product.  

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