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Open Air Studio – TCT Conference


Meditech had the opportunity to create an open air television studio in the heart of this year’s Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics (TCT) conference. Our role in the conference was to film a series of engaging multi-camera interviews with some of the world’s top interventional cardiologists. These short one-on-one interviews and panel discussions were between 5 and 20 minutes in duration. Many segments included a diverse group of panelists discussing a range of topics; from a practitioner’s individual journey, developments in procedures and technology, and ethical medicine and practices. 

Jeff Chamlee, Meditech’s lead producer for this project, worked with our client to determine needs and develop a plan. He spent much of his time leading up to the production preparing detailed layout plans, coordinating with conference officials, and making gear lists. It takes a lot of meticulous planning and preparation to make a full fledged recording studio at a remote location. Every detail with the video hardware, computer software, graphics machines, cables, power connectors, lights, etc. needs to be carefully considered before arriving on set. 

The captured video was live-edited with four camera feeds, audio, and graphics. In addition to being recorded, a live video feed was fed into four televisions that were placed outside of the studio perimeter, allowing conference visitors to watch the interview as it happened. The interviews were also packaged so that conference administrators could quickly share the recorded interviews on their website the very same day for the benefit of those individuals who could not attend the conference in person. With the whole production being captured live, the Meditech crew took a choreographed and practiced approach to the production to guarantee that every member hit their marks perfectly in real time.

Thanks to the careful planning, smooth setup, and confident execution by Meditech’s production team, our client was delighted with our delivery and service. We enjoyed being with the organizers at TCT and can’t wait until next year. For more information about TCT and to see some of the interviews, visit: