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An Expedited Production


Three locations, two weeks of production, and one polished program. 

The Meditech team recently had the opportunity to work with a Fortune 50 medical device company to create a high profile video for the company’s national sales conference. 

The video is focused on three unique case studies that tell the success story of a number of talented clinical experts who are working hard to create solutions to address some of the biggest clinical efficiency issues in hospitals across the nation. 

With an exceedingly short production timeline, and having our three filming locations fanned out across the country, we had to put things into high gear to put this video together in time for the conference.

For this production, we researched and wrote the stories, and then interviewed clinical experts working in care centers in California, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. These Clinical Teams told their stories about analyzing and improving the efficiency of a number of processes in a hospital environment. With these particular case studies, we focused on the team’s efforts both during the clinical procedures, and within the hospital operations.

After filming was completed at all three locations, footage was brought back to Meditech for editing. With every case study that we work on, we take great care to make sure that we are consistent with our storytelling during the editing process. With this video being one of the focal points of our client’s national conference, we really wanted to create a piece that would be not only beautiful and informative, but also inspirational. 

Even with the challenges and limitations that we faced in this production, we took a note from the experts and optimized our efficiency to come together and shoot in three locations with only two weeks of turnaround, and create one product completely uncompromising in quality.