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Our Proactive Approach to Creating Cutting Edge Content


Meeting Modern Needs   

The global medical animation market is expected to grow from $500 million in 2021 to nearly $1-billion by the end of 2025. At Meditech, we’ve seen an increasing number of clients looking to leverage 3D animation and illustration for marketing and education purposes. To meet the growing demand, we’re continually refining our approach to create high quality medical animations.  

Staying current with technology and software advances is a necessary component for creating stunning, realistic animations and interactive experiences that meet audience expectations. More importantly, having a team of trained, dedicated and knowledgeable employees who are able to utilize those tools to their fullest extent and bring a story to life can make a far bigger impact than technology alone.

Engaging audiences is something that all our clients aim to achieve. We continue to grow and adapt as our clients seek more inventive, imaginative, and novel approaches to demonstrating, communicating and teaching. By exploring new technology and implementing processes to improve efficiency, enhance quality and offer good return on investment, we can in-turn help our clients to better engage audiences and meet goals. As the medical animation industry continues to evolve in the coming years, Meditech will continue taking a proactive approach to meet the needs of our clients by employing talented team members, best in class technology, and well planned and executed processes.

Advancements in Software & Technology

New software solutions empower our artists to create more complex animations and simulations; like fluids and particles, to better illustrate a process or mechanism. Simulation software and special effects applications that allow for the creation of extremely realistic visual effects are enabling animation studios to deliver more dynamic and stunning visuals.

These software solutions, combined with powerful hardware, allows for much faster renders, which in turn makes hitting quick turnaround times for clients easier to accomplish.

At Meditech we’re also exploring 3D creation tools that enable real-time photorealistic rendering, dynamic physics and effects. These tools were originally developed for the video game industry but are also extremely useful platforms for animation studios, providing the ability to experiment with new techniques and see immediate results. Why is real-time and faster rendering important to clients? They see their stories come to life quicker, allow animators to provide feedback faster, and facilitate better work with shorter deadlines. 

Meditech is using new technology to create cutting-edge content, unique interactive experiences, and immersive virtual worlds that help brands grab attention and put their products in the best light.

Improved Processes

Here at Meditech, we are always in a state of continual process improvement. From discovery to delivery, we are always redefining our processes to be more efficient, accurate, and timely so we can deliver higher quality products and services to our clients.


Our process starts with discovery. We begin by listening to your needs and asking questions so that expectations and goals are understood on both sides. From there, we define specific project requirements, including target audience, use case, budget, and timeline. 


Next, we begin creative development. We will work with your team to create a comprehensive outline, complete with on-screen text and a voice-over script if needed. After initial drafts are created, we would go through a series of approvals between our team and yours. 


From there, we will take that approved outline and apply our experience and creativity to develop a storyboard, an illustrated version of the script. This will serve as the blueprint for your animation. This is a critical step in the process to ensure that everyone is aligned.


While the storyboard is in development, our 3D team is busy building the models and planning out how they will move and interact with the environment. Once that is complete, we’ll then bring your story to life through imagination and motion. Early drafts will be grayscale to make sure we’ve got everything right before adding color. 

Final Development

Artists then develop the look and feel of the animation by producing full color images of key scenes which will accurately represent your brand and story. With the animation and visuals style approved we render the animation, add the soundtrack and graphics, to create the final video.

Closing Thoughts

Our process has been streamlined and improved through years of experience working in the 3D medical space. We recognize that maintaining healthy relationships with our clients is the most important component of any production so we always make sure that there are clear expectations for all parties involved, approval processes are efficient and easy and that timelines and budgets are respected. Even as our processes continue to develop to meet the changing needs of our clients, our dedication to meeting your goals and expectations will remain our biggest priority.

For more information about our animation process watch our production process video or download our informational PDF.