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Setting the Perfect Scene


At Meditech, we take pride in our ability to be technically prepared and ready to adapt to every situation. This is especially important for our clients when it comes to recording in unique locations and conditions. Whether we are shooting in the operating room or the trade show floor, we know what to prepare for, and what to look out for in each unique location.

Shooting in a studio offers numerous advantages to our clients, as it provides greater control over aspects such as lighting, sound, and location background, which may not be achievable in other settings. However, it is essential to acknowledge that studios have some limitations. While they are versatile spaces designed to meet different project requirements, they may not be suitable for every situation. It can be very expensive and time consuming to make a studio look like a particular location when it might be cheaper and easier to just visit the real thing.

The term “on-location” can mean a lot of things but in general, this term would refer to any environment outside of a dedicated filming environment like a studio. Filming on-location has the obvious advantage of allowing crews to capture scenes that show real-world environments. So for Meditech, filming on-location usually means that we are in a home, office, healthcare facility, or even outside. The key to success when shooting on-location is good planning. Each location requires a different approach and the crew has to anticipate those requirements and plan accordingly. For example, we would be required to file permits and give notice to the city before recording in a public space such as a park. Every situation and location is unique and Meditech always plans for every contingency.

Hospitals and Clinics
Meditech specializes in filming in clinical environments. We have experience working in a variety of clinical settings such as operating rooms, EP labs, training facilities and mobile labs. Recording in these unique clinical environments requires a great deal of planning and coordination. Hospitals may require immunization records, HIPPA certification and approval from legal and infection control departments. In heavily controlled environments like operating rooms, we always coordinate closely with hospital members to make sure that our equipment and crew will not impact the safety of the patient or the clinical efficiency. It is only through our experience and knowing the right questions to ask can we effectively plan and prepare to work in these complex clinical environments.

Trade Show Floor
Meditech has years of experience filming at trade shows. Trade shows are usually some of the least controlled environments and often pose several challenges. Factors like outside noise, unpredictable lighting and bystanders, can all make filming at a trade show difficult. It takes precise planning and sometimes specialized equipment to guarantee that outside factors don’t compromise the quality of a production. Through our years of experience, we have learned what to expect and what to look out for. By combining experience with the latest technology, we continue delivering the highest quality trade show content to all of our clients.

Understanding the pros and cons of each type of location is key to success. We recognize the unique benefits and limitations and can plan accordingly to get the most out of each environment. With an experienced and knowledgeable team, we guide you through the production process and guarantee a high quality product in every type of location. Wherever your next production takes you, Meditech is prepared!