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Streamlining Production with a Full Service Agency


Project Overview

Selecting the right agency partner for your media needs is crucial to your success. One measure of a good partner is the resources they bring to a project. At Meditech, we have deep resources and our production teams are in-house; from project management, motion graphics, 3D animation, to video production and interactive. Having everything in-house means that our clients are spending less time coordinating with multiple organizations and addressing inconsistencies that may appear between multiple pieces of content. One example of how in-house teams benefit our clients is a recently produced 121-program orthopedic video series. In this educational series, our teams collaborated to efficiently plan and produce informative programming, while simplifying the process for our client. Read on to learn how Meditech’s centralized capabilities were leveraged to efficiently develop a multimedia project.


Our first step to ensure success in developing this large-scale video series started with planning our production approach. We assessed scripts, researched conditions, identified relevant anatomy and devices, and determined how each team will visually portray each scene. With a holistic view of all the programs, we created a plan to efficiently and cost effectively create new visuals to support the narrative. With this, our blueprint for production was defined.


Here, the teams confidently moved forward in media production. The video team captured new footage showcasing patients in their daily life, and communicating and discussing treatment options with their provider. At the same time, our 3D team went from storyboards to 3D animation for the unique medical conditions that would illustrate to patients what’s happening inside the body. Finally, our motion graphics team created 2D graphics and effects to support the narration and on-screen actions. This approach resulted in clear, concise and informative programming.


By following our production plan, all of the teams were able to bring a level of coordination and efficiency that wouldn’t be possible working with multiple production agencies. To meet our timeline, we delivered the final videos to the client in program batches. This allowed us to strategically stagger production phases to ensure there would be no gaps in the timeline that would halt production. This collaborative and staggered approach allowed us to deliver content to clients as it became available for smaller, more focused reviews. We were also able to quickly address any revisions throughout production and communicate those needs between the different teams.


Because Meditech is a full service agency with in-house resources, all of our work is carefully coordinated between the video, animation and graphics teams. The client benefitted from one point of contact for centralized and organized communication. If you want to know more about how and why a multimedia plan can help you to more effectively communicate and impact your audience, make sure to reach out on our contact page!