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Stand Out From the Crowd


Virtual reality (VR) is an experiential marketing tool that creates memorable, personal interactions with your product or service. VR places the user in a virtual environment free of distractions to experience your product and offering in action. Imagine putting your customer in the OR or lab where a physician can walk through a medical procedure, take a virtual tour, or venture into the human body and view a medical device implant. These interactive experiences give physicians, patients, and buyers a complete understanding of complex products and procedures. 

Each experience can be developed with unique interactions and enhancements such as head tracking and spatial awareness to adjust the scene and change the viewpoint accordingly. There are also hand controllers, which let users guide their own gestures and interactions with your product, like deploying a medical device. If you want even more interactivity or a competitive aspect, you can incorporate surveys and quiz challenges once a specific milestone within the experience is achieved.

VR has the ability to be implemented into many customer facing settings such as lobbies, experience centers, and events. When used at seminars or trade shows it can be a great attention getter and in turn be used to capture leads and analytics. For example, question and answer segments can be tailored to help with market research. The leads gathered can be used for follow-up and will help determine which client facing outlets have the best ROI.

Our team can create this experience from the ground up or leverage existing assets from animations developed with our team. Connect with us today to see what we can develop for you.