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New Strategies to Engage HCPs


Medical device and healthcare marketers have always been focused on engaging with healthcare professionals (HCPs). Now due to the cancellation of industry conferences, in-person meetings and limited access to hospitals and medical facilities, that goal has become more difficult. A recent survey* of more than 200 healthcare providers provides new insight on how to reach and better connect with clinical audiences. The survey results show that during this pandemic, HCPs from across a broad range of specialties are spending more time and are more engaged with online media, web and social channels. HMP Global, which manages high profile websites like CathLabDigest and EP LabDigest, reports much higher web traffic since the start of the pandemic.

It’s easy to understand why, as digital content has its advantages. Physicians can learn about new treatments, trials, medical devices and therapies on their own schedule, like in-between virtual visits. Plus HCPs can focus attention on the information of most interest. Changes in audience behavior create new opportunities for marketers to engage physicians with focused content, such as video presentations around clinical data, 3D animation showing device innovations, and online resources for education and support. Another shift to “virtual” conferences and meetings provides openings for marketers to develop more visual content to engage and educate HCPs with global reach.

As marketers are experimenting with “virtual” seminars and physician led discussions, many times the results are less than desired. Audiences expect a professionally produced experience with clear sound and compelling visuals that marketers often fail to achieve.

Without in-person meetings, hesitation over travel, and limited access to institutions, this trend of online information consumption is now the new “normal”. Adapting marketing plans to include media and visuals delivered online directly to physicians through dedicated channels or at virtual events is key to marketing success. Another key is partnering with a company like Meditech that brings years of proven experience developing web presentations, video, 3D animation and custom interactive experiences. Meditech can evaluate needs, consult on strategy and execute on delivering results.

* Data from 2020, Butler/Till Health survey of more than 200 U.S.-based healthcare providers.